It is big and smart, meet Samsung UE49KS8000 Smart TV. A perfect TV for your lounge or for your bedroom, it suits for all places in your home

Its 49-inch screen is resolutely flat, and while it falls slightly short in specification terms of Samsung’s premium KS9500 models, it’s still one of Samsung’s “SUHD” TVs and so meets the requirements of the Ultra HD Premium standard. In fact, it’s essentially a flat version of Samsung’s impressive KS9000 series.

Add in the latest Tizen-driven smart TV system and new HDR “upscaling” and the UE49KS8000 makes its £1,300 price look like good value.


Although it’s a pain to assemble, the pay-off is that the UE49KS8000 looks pretty gorgeous. The way the 1,094 x 636mm screen sits low above a silver boomerang-shaped stand gives it an airy, floaty feel. This is backed up by a super-thin bezel given added panache by a glinting metallic trim.

Although the slender 42.5mm-deep rear is made of plastic, it’s attractively finished with no ugly rivets or grilling. Although this only really matters if you often look at your TV’s rear, which I suspect most of you won’t.

The UE49KS8000 ships with two remote controls: a remarkably button-light “smart” design, and a more bog-standard, button-laden affair. The smart remote is initially a little daunting in its sparseness, but stick with it and eventually using it starts to feel like second nature. If you really can’t cope with that level of simplicity, though, there’s really nothing wrong with the standard remote, which is more ergonomic than it looks.


The UE49KS8000’s star turn is its ability to deliver native UHD and Ultra HD Premium HDR pictures. It does this via an edge LED lighting system capable of getting above 1000 nits of brightness, while retaining a strong contrast performance courtesy of local dimming. Local dimming, if you’re not familiar with it, enables different sections of the edge LED lighting to output different light levels to suit the picture you’re watching.

The 49KS8000 uses Samsung’s proprietary take on Quantum Dot technology – impressive for the UE49KS8000’s price point. The result is that it covers around 96% of the so-called DCI-P3 colour range used in digital cinemas, and around 70% of the BT.2020 colour range used for HDR video. This makes the UE49KS8000 ready, willing and able to handle the wide colour spectrums that accompany all the current HDR sources.

Smart features on the UE49KS8000 are provided through the second generation of Samsung’s Tizen TV interface. This is easy to customise and doesn’t take up too much of the screen. Its structure has been greatly simplified this year, too, by the addition of a second tier of icons that provides contextual links based on the selection you’ve made from the bottom tier.