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n-gage Messenger To Reward Users With Equity

Today, messaging apps are all over the market. According to Harvard Business Review, 6 out of 10 global apps are messaging applications used by...

9 Computer Security Tips You Should Follow

Contrary to common belief, antivirus programs are not a cure-all, set and forget security solution. There are many numerous other things that you still...

File Manager Apps List For Your Android Smartphone

Android is one of the most popular operating systems for mobiles. Its ecosystem is very supportive, and we can find any type of app...

YouTube To Mp3 Converter Site Is Sued By Music Companies

According to some news sources, some major music companies sued or planning to sue the YouTube-mp3.org tool, which rips the audio from YouTube videos....

Remove iTunes DRM Restrictions With Adoreshare M4V Converter Genius

A conventional video converter can perform tasks like video conversion, cropping, resizing, trimming, etc. But when it comes to a movie or a TV...
Your Guide to the Latest Broadband Technology

Getting Connected: Your Guide to the Latest Broadband Technology

When it comes time to renew your broadband subscription, you probably have a few questions: which package should I choose, who has the most...

How To Hide Media on Android Without A Locker App?

The Smart Phones are digital us in the 21st century. Privacy nowadays is still a question mark. A single picture/media can spoil ones’ stardom...

Vernee Mars could the world’s most narrow 5.5 inch Smartphone

Since Samsung took the lead in manufacturing big-screen smartphones, more and more smartphone makers started to enlarge the screen size of their products. In...

iNew Pandora R9 Coming With ‘Moonlight’ for selfies

iNew is a ver popular brand in China. They have launched the series of successful smartphones in the market already. The company is established...

Best Phablet for People Intend to Start A Bigger Device

Finally, the VKworld T1 Plus Kratos is open for pre-sale, and the price has been cut down to only $109.99. After pre-sale, the price...

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