Best Betting Apps for 2018

If you’ve been gambling for some time then you might have noticed the expansion of online casinos. Basically, these new types of betting apps are getting popular with every passing minute and they’re a huge success among the players.

Every year, there are hundreds of new betting apps are opening up to the public. It doesn’t surprise me that with the very many new websites setting up shop almost monthly, the majority don’t survive in this very competitive online casino industry.

Even though the vast majority of online sports betting websites are optimized for mobile devices, the apps come along with very decent functionality and increased ease of use.

There are many types of betting apps available, for example, cricket betting apps, football apps, and the list is many more.

Here is the list of betting app categories.

Cricket Apps

Cricket Apps

Given the complexity of the game, it is no surprise that multiple types of cricket bets exist. Different apps for cricket betting have a different selection of bets available, but generally, you can bet on Top Team Batsman, Top Bowler, Top Innings, Number of Runs per Session, Next Man Out, and much, much more.

Football Apps

You didn’t think we would forget to mention the best betting apps for football, did you? It would be a criminal offense to create a comprehensive betting app reviews site and ignore the most popular gambling activity.

Tennis Apps

Tennis Apps

The biggest providers of tennis apps aren’t just exclusive to this sport – they give you access to just about everything under one online sports betting app. The action really heats up for the usual major tennis events such as Wimbledon and the Australian Open, but you can find and bet on most of the other tournaments as well.

Poker Apps

There are a lot of free poker apps that you can play simply for entertainment purposes or to practice your skills, but there are also quite a lot of real money poker apps for when you’re ready to up the stakes.

Each app has their own set list of poker variations, tournaments, and other live events.

Many online casinos have dedicated poker apps, which offer some great features. Most notably, extended statistics of the hands you play are extremely useful in growing as a player. Arguably, the best poker app belongs to PokerStars, but Party Poker and William Hill Poker have quite decent offerings too.

Bingo Apps

The number of bingo venues in the offline world of brick and mortar is slowly starting to decline. So, where have all the players gone? You guessed it – they are starting to pick up mobile bingo apps and they just don’t need to go to a specialized venue anymore. You normally don’t even need an app in order to play real money bingo on your mobile device, but those are available too. Most online bingo companies will serve you up an optimized mobile site that will work just fine in your regular mobile browser without the need to download any extra apps or software.


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