Best Data Recovery Software For Windows

Have you lost your essential data from your pc and want to restore that data, then you are at the right page. Here, we have pinned the best data recovery software for the windows. Now, let’s get familiar with the details.

About data recovery software

Data recovery is the software that recovers the lost data that has been deleted accidentally or corrupted due to some issues. According to the technical terms, with the help of data recovery software, one can restore the data to a laptop, desktop, or can store to the external storage from the backup.

How does data recovery work?

The recovering of the data depends upon the circumstances of the loss of data. Usually, the data recovery software works to create a backup from the target media. The data recovery software would also help you out if the lost data haven’t been back up. The software would restore the data on the hard disk only.

Now, let’s have a look at the top 5 data recovery software as given below.

1. Disk drill

Disk Drill is considered as the leader among the world of data recovery software. You would be able to restore the lost file or data with the help of the disk drill; instead, the lost files are showing failing issues or its unreadable.

The disk drill software supports iOS, Windows, macOS, and Androids as well. This software would quickly help you restore deleted videos, photos, music files, USB flash drive, SD cards, and the documents; rather than internal or external storage.


If you want first to try the disk drill then there’s the option to recover up to 500MB that is free of cost. This app has two essential data loss prevention facilities, unlink any other app. The first one is a recovery vault, and the second one is guaranteed recovery.

The recovery vault adds ups the layer to the recycle bin. Moreover, it keeps the backup for all deleted files, and hence, it would be easier to restore it. The guaranteed recovery has the facility to keep a copy of all records that have been selected to recover.

The disk drill is the best recovery software for forensic science as it allows the user to create some of the selected image files and that too in the form of ISO, DMG, or IMG files. By storing the data this way, your source would be at no risk.


2. DMDE or DM disk editor

With the help of DMDE, you would be able to restore the file from any media you want. This tool has been designed for complex repairing issues. E.g., This tool is the best for the individual who has to deal with the experience of extensive technical data recovery.

This recovery software is not that easy to use as it consists of robust recovery data solutions. DMDE runs on Windows, DOS, Linux, and macOS.


This tool comprises of various freeware features such as free recovery from the current panel, RAID constructor, the means to create clones and the disk images, disk editor, an inbuilt tool that allows the partition undeleting that is simple partition manager.

A simple partition manager helps out to find and restore the data that has been deleted accidentally. Disk editor of this tool is compatible with the new version of Windows as with the help of disk editor; one can view, edit, and navigate via files as well as different disk structures.

One of the unique features of this tool is NTFS. This feature would allow you to delete files, copy, create, repair, and remove directories via bypassing NTFS driver.


3. Recuva

With the help of Recuva recovery software, you can restore the permanently deleted files. Piriform has developed the Recuva. This free data recovery software support USB flash drives, memory cards, hard drives, and MP3 player.


The Recuva app comes up with two versions that are 32-bit and 64-bit. Furthermore, for years, this app has not been updated. This tool is available in both installation and portable form. The advantage of a compact form is that there would be no risk to overwrite the data on the hard drive.

It helps to recover the data from damaged files, deleted emails, and much more. Everyone is not familiar with English, and hence, the Recuva has inbuilt 30 languages so that the user finds it easy to use according to their first language.


4. TestDisk

This tool is designed to recover the lost partitions and helps out to make the non-boosting disks bootable again. It is capable of recovering many of the different types of the file system and also partition schemes. It is free of cost and consists of an open-source.


This is not the right app if you want to recover the lost file or something. This software focuses on the entire file system and partition. With this app’s help, you can repair the boost section and fix the separation of the tables. There are various options for access to restore the lost files.


5. Data rescue 5

This tool is very well known for its simplicity, but it is quite expensive. You may found this software quite confusing as it is a clean and straightforward user interface. This software charges $299.00 per year. If you can afford the expense, then you can look forward to its amazing features as given below.


The features of this software include the fast scan, high speed of recovery, help to improve the reconstruction of RAID. It copies the disk via byte-to-byte as it consists of additional disk tools and also secures file deletions.

This tool helps to save storage space while excluding the duplicate files for the recovery. Before recovering the record, it scans the file so that your pc wouldn’t face any of the issues. It has the facility to preview attributes of all the partitions.


Hence, the above was everything about the best 5 data recovery software that one should know before using it.


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