Best Phablet for People Intend to Start A Bigger Device

Finally, the VKworld T1 Plus Kratos is open for pre-sale, and the price has been cut down to only $109.99. After pre-sale, the price will be changed to $139.99. T1 Plus is a 6-inch phablet. And there are many things that make T1 Plus Kratos more different than competitors.

  1. VR Box:

The packing box of this phone is also a VR box. You can assemble it and enjoy VR resources. Also, T1 Plus Kratos features a 6-axis gyroscope which contributes to better VR experience.

  1. Design:

Even with a price of only $109.99, T1 Plus Katos still manages to outrun its rivals with the premium 7000 Series Aluminum Unibody, which is usually found on big brand flagships like Apple iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7.

  1. Screen:

The display is not only integrated with JDI LTPS panel but also anti-blue-light technology, 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass, and Oleophobic coating. The 6-inch screen can compete with the screen on iPhone, making T1 Plus Kratos a great phablet to watch the video:

  1. Battery:

The phone is only 7.9mm thick, same as Huawei Mate 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7. But the battery is bigger–4300mAh (Mate 8: 4000mAh; Note 7: 3500mAh). And it is a Sony Li-polymer battery which is safer and more efficient than a normal Li-ion battery. Even with a 6-inch big screen, T1 Plus still does better in battery life. And it also carries MediaTek PumpExpress fast charging.

  1. Fingerprint scanner:

It comes from FPC whose fingerprint sensors have been widely used in many smartphones like Nexus 6P and Huawei P9. And it locates on the back of the phone, making it easier to reach.

Currently, more and more companies are trying to conquer the market for huge screen phones. Till now, most 6-inch phablets are over $250. T1 Plus with a decent 6-inch screen, premium design, and a 4300mAh big battery can draw people’s attention.


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