Best VPNs For Secured PayPal Transactions

PayPal protects against the unethical sellers but it doesn’t ensure you for the protection against a hacker who wants to steal your money and your data.

So, what can be done to encrypt the personal data! You can refer to a high-quality VPN as it offers security to your account.

Moreover, the VPN ensures that your account wouldn’t be blocked if you are travelling out of the country.

VPN is essential as many of the PayPal users have to use the public WiFi in certain circumstances and the cybercriminals get the chance to hack your account.

The PayPal account with the VPN security would encrypt the information of your account and would make it completely unreadable.

Hence, your PayPal account is safe from certain scammers. By using the VPN for PayPal, you would be able to use the money even if you are out of your country home.

In PayPal, the account would be blocked if someone would try to log in from outside that country.

This comes in the security of the PayPal account but sometimes, it is too frustrating that you can’t use money when you are outside the country. Using a VPN you wouldn’t face this issue with the PayPal account.

Now, let’s get familiar with some of the best VPNs in detail.

1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is considered one of the top providers in the world. In today’s scenario, the ExpressVPN offers the most expensive VPN network among the others and that too in 94 countries. Now, let’s have detailed information about why the ExpressVPN should be chosen.

Military-grade Encryption

In terms of the VPN connections, it follows the two key portions that are encryption protocol and the connection protocol. In today’s date, the ExpressVPN assists the encryption protocol on the highest commercial level, AES-256.

Due to its highest encryption level, it is also used by many of the government and the military forces to secure their data. Furthermore, it also supports multiple connection protocols. E.g. PPTP, IPSec.

Fast as well as stable

Besides the safest and extensive network, the majority of the people would also look after the speed and the stability of the VPN. In this case, ExpressVPN is the perfect fit for a fast and stable profile.

Moreover, the speed may get affected due to the distance from the selected VPN server. Stability may get affected due to overload on the device more than its capability to take. And the internet speed also affects the speed of the VPN.

Security is priority

The VPN with the Kill switch option is the best for those who value their security. The ExpressVPN comes with the inbuilt Kill Switch option. Among the best features for the software-activated security, the Kill Switch software is considered the best as it severs the device from the internet connectivity.

The ExpressVPN comes with the inbuilt DNS and hence, there’s no need to use any of the alternative DNS. This facility of the ExpressVPN allows you to connect the VPN anywhere you want.

The device gets automatically connected with the WiFi if it is on and so, the personal data is on risk if it is connected with the public Wifi. By using the ExpressVPN, the device will only connect when you allow it to connect.

Furthermore, the ExpressVPN supports P2P and torrent. It is transparent with the no-logging policy. ExpressVPN is considered a bit expensive and to cut-off the cost you can prefer to its alternative that is NordVPN.

ExpressVPN apps support Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android. It accepts Bitcoin and PayPal.

Try ExpressVPN here

2. NordVPN


NordVPN is budget-friendly with the high speed and consists of advanced security features. This VPN supports more than 5000 servers in 62 countries. NordVPN is considered the best for Skype, Netflix, and PayPal. Now, let’s have the detailed information that why the NordVPN is worth choosing.

Fast servers and stable network

The NordVPN speed has been tested in three different spots that is one in the UK and the two in the US. According to the results, the speed of the NordVPN is above 110 Mbps in all three spots. Hence, the speed of this VPN is the best among the others. You can easily stream and can download the torrent at this high speed.

Featured with CyberSec

Everyone out there wants to get rid of unwanted ads, phishing attempts, malware, and much more. This feature of the NordVPN, CyberSec would protect your device from the above-given disturbance.

CyberSec would protect your device from the cybercrimes and phishing scams. It will automatically block the website access if it consists of malware or spyware software. The CyberSec will immediately stop the DDoS attack by eliminating connection. It would immediately break the connection between the device and control servers.

Double VPN

The NordVPN consists of two double VPN. In this, after the first VPN remotes have accessed the encryption it would pass to the second remote VPN. After the second time VPN gets approved, your searched website gets open. Hence, before you reach the website, it is already encrypted by double VPN attempts.

No-log policy

Privacy is the right of any human being. The feature of no-log policy will help to secure your privacy and also does its best for delivering services with limited information.

Furthermore, if you have any query or some problem occurs, there’s the customer support service available by 24/7. NordVPN apps support Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, and Android. This VPN works on the selected router and hence it should be installed manually.

If the NordVPN is working with PayPal then you can’t sign for the VPN and cannot pass the payment by using PayPal.

Try NordVPN here

3. PureVPN


The PureVPN supports more than 2000 servers in approximately 150 countries. Its VPN is considered among the best because of its unlimited bandwidth, advanced security features that include the military-level encryption, and P2P compatibility. Now, let’s have the detailed information that why PureVPN should be chosen.

High speed

According to the analysis of the PureVPN speed, the download speed is around 10.75 Mbps, the upload speed is around 0.85 Mbps, and the ping speed is around 76 ms. Hence, this speed is considered the best among the other VPNs.

Supports torrents

The PureVPN does support the P2P file transfers. It ensures that the torrent file transfer is fast and secure. Furthermore, the no-log policy of the PureVPN has made it more secure.

Ad-blocker support

Everyone wants to get rid of the unwanted ads and for that PureVPN is the best option for you. It has an in-built Ads blocker option. Hence, this facility of the PureVPN would block all the unwanted notification coming on your screen.


This VPN has the facility of the kill switch that would block all the websites that consist of malware software. Hence, your device will be protected against risky websites or fraud websites.

Split tunnelling support

In this feature of the PureVPN, you would get the option to choose which data you want to send and which you don’t. This feature is considered the best because it gives you the option to select and to secure the private data that you don’t have to send.

This feature is very helpful while you work in the office as there you have to connect to some of the services via local IP. Or while working using the public WiFi.

Try PureVPN here

Is using PayPal via Public WiFi secure with the help of a VPN?

The public WiFi is rarely secure and due to a high insecurity level, it increases the chances of cybercrime. Don’t use PayPal or any of the online backing via Public WiFi until there’s no option left without using the public WiFi.

When you are using the public WiFi make sure that VPN is connected to your device. By doing this, there wouldn’t be any fraud activities running to capture your details as the VPN would detect it if any. By detecting the security issues, the VPN would immediately block the services.

How to know the VPNs are worth it for PayPal?

Always look for the security aspects of the VPN. All to the above three VPNs have the Highest security standards among others. Having the military-level encryption, no-logs policy and kill switches are must for the high-level security standards.

Besides the security aspects, the VPN should be easy to use, should consist of fast speed and proper stability. All of these features are available in the above-given VPNs. Furthermore, the free VPNs are not that trustworthy compared to the premium ones.

The premium ones come with the best safety features that include, it is safe to access PayPal, for streaming video, online shopping, or anything you need to be secure.

Bottom line

Be sure that your device is secure to use PayPal when it comes to servers, transactions, and accounts. To secure your device, the VPNs are the best option available for you.

Hence, the above was everything that one should know about the VPNs for a PayPal transaction.


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