A crypto firm named “Africrypt”, which is located in South Africa was run by two
brothers. Raees Cajee is the CEO of the firm and Ameer Cajee is the COO of the

Bitcoin worth $3.6 Billion roughly ( 26,700 crores INR ) has been vanished from the firm
along with the two brothers who run the firm. The last anyone has heard from the
brothers is on April 13th. Since then no one has heard or seen the brothers.

Earlier they were claiming that the firm had been hacked by some hackers and they
were telling all the investors not to inform the police so soon about the hack. And said
informing the police might endanger the recovery of the “stolen” digital coins worth $3.6
Billion from the firm.

The highlight of the incident is that there is no single trace of the founders of the firm (
Raees Cajee and Ameer Cajee) which also includes the celebrity investors.
As of now, Bitcoin is trading at 23.74 lakhs in India.

The firm’s website is not active either. All the drama started two months ago ( April 13 ).
As per a Bloomberg report, A group of about 20 people has approached a law firm and
voice mails have been directed to the two brothers. Courts in South Africa have ordered
the provisional liquidation of the company.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating their cousin, Zakira Laher, who was also a former
director at Africrypt. He ( Zakira Laher ) is also receiving calls continuously from the
African media.

The two brothers Raees Cajee and Ameer Cajee are just twenty-twos and seventeen
years old respectively and have gone underground for 2 months now, but they have just
1 month ( till July ) to appeal against the court order.

The brothers have claimed that they didn’t know about the extent of the client
information compromised in the “attack”. However, they promised they would keep
everyone informed if they could track down the hackers and pull out the information
about the “stolen funds and compromised information”.


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