"13 Reasons To Watch 13 Reasons Why"

13 Reasons To Watch 13 Reasons Why

A new but controversial Netflix series has both school authorities and child psychologists evaluating its impact on teens. The series relates to a high school student who commits suicide and leaves 13 audio recordings...
"Ja Rule's Fyre Festival troubles continue, the second lawsuit filed"

Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival Troubles Continue, The Second Lawsuit Filed

There is more trouble for the Ja Rule's Fyre Festival which ended disastrously and had to be canceled on the second day. A second lawsuit has been slapped by John Girardi, a Los Angeles...

eBay India Is All Ready To Launch First Ever FB Live Gaming Event ‘Dhanbola’

India’s favourite stand-up comedian Zakir Khan to host his Diwali party for eBay consumers by playing online tambola and engaging them through other acts.India: eBay India will celebrate its Loudest Diwali Ever by hosting...

Indian eSports Championship Strengthens The Gaming Eco-System

Indian eSports Championship, a brainchild of Essence Transmedia Pvt Ltd. And Neon Gaming Studio is set to break the cultural stereotype attached to the gaming industry in India.While the championship has provided opportunities to...

FotoJet Becomes an All-in-one Online Graphic Tool

Photo collages have become increasingly popular nowadays, as a fun way to record beautiful life moments. By gathering more than one photo in a large canvas, people can easily share multiple photos with families...

n-gage Messenger To Reward Users With Equity

Today, messaging apps are all over the market. According to Harvard Business Review, 6 out of 10 global apps are messaging applications used by 1.4 billion people around the world. What’s more astonishing is...

YouTube To Mp3 Converter Site Is Sued By Music Companies

According to some news sources, some major music companies sued or planning to sue the tool, which rips the audio from YouTube videos. The companies feel it is a piracy and site is...

Vernee Mars could the world’s most narrow 5.5 inch Smartphone

Since Samsung took the lead in manufacturing big-screen smartphones, more and more smartphone makers started to enlarge the screen size of their products. In future, we see more sophisticated devices with unique design, sleek...

iNew Pandora R9 Coming With ‘Moonlight’ for selfies

iNew is a ver popular brand in China. They have launched the series of successful smartphones in the market already. The company is established its business in the year 2013, till now they launched...

Best Phablet for People Intend to Start A Bigger Device

Finally, the VKworld T1 Plus Kratos is open for pre-sale, and the price has been cut down to only $109.99. After pre-sale, the price will be changed to $139.99. T1 Plus is a 6-inch...