Director Zack Snyder leaves “Justice League” project, Joss Whedon to complete the film

Director Zack Snyder has decided to leave the Justice League project due to urgent domestic compulsions caused by the untimely demise of his daughter in March. Snyder’s daughter, Autumn, had committed suicide in March at the age of 20.Both Snyder and his wife Deborah who happens to be the producer of the film were into the final stages of the movie when tragedy struck. The Husband –Wife duo tried to keep the event as private as possible but now has decided to stop work and try to be with their family to recoup the loss.

Joss Whedon will complete the project

The baton of direction will be held by Joss Whedon, who was already slated to direct DC’s Batgirl, and he will see to the completion of the film. The flick is to release on November 17. Snyder who is credited with hits like “300”, “Watchmen,” “Man of Steel,” “Superman Vs Batman,” said that the death of his daughter was a huge setback and also made him realize the importance of family.

My family needs me more

The filmmaker tried to forget the tragedy by drowning himself in work but has realized that his family needs him more and therefore the break. Snyder added that as a director his job was pretty intense and it consumed most of his time and energy, and he would like to spend more time with his wife and kids in their time of need.

Snyder assured his fans that the quality of the film would not be affected by his departure and he wished the best for the movie. Snyder who is a father of seven children added that “Justice League” is at the end of the just a movie and his presence is more needed at his home than the set.

Whedon who has taken up the cudgel on behalf of Snyder is well known for flicks like “Avengers” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayers” was working closely with Snyder for a couple of months now after the tragic death of Snyder’s daughter. He will now complete the film, and it will be released as planned on November 17.


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