How To Disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a very popular browser for web surfers. It comes with a great ton of features to the user to simplify their browsing experience. The built-in password manager, extensions, Chrome flags are the main attractions of the Google Chrome.

Once you feel the essence of a browser you can’t easily shift to other browsers. Google Chrome is a kind of browser with great features along with annoying issue like eating up your system resources. We all know Chrome is a RAM hungry browser. There are several ways available to control the RAM usage in Google Chrome. Another well-known issue is hardware acceleration in Chrome.

What is Hardware Acceleration?

Hardware Acceleration is an option we see in Google Chrome to minimize the load on CPU by transferring the browser tasks onto the graphics card. If the hardware acceleration is enabled on Google Chrome, the GPU handles most of the intensive tasks performing on Google Chrome. It is a good thing to run Chrome smoothly even in heavy usage conditions like multiple tabs open. Also, the CPU is free to work under the hardware acceleration mode and can be utilized to perform other tasks.

Now coming to the point, why we need to disable the hardware acceleration in Chrome? If you feel the below symptoms are happening in your PC regularly, try disabling the hardware acceleration and check the performance change.

  1. If you feel the PC becomes very slow while using Chrome.
  2. Your laptop battery is draining quicker than usual.
  3. Screen lagging and sometimes taking so much to open a link on Chrome.

How to Disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

If you faced any of the above issues while using Chrome, then it is advisable to disable the hardware acceleration in Google Chrome.
  1. Open Google Chrome browser.
  2. Go to Preferences which is available in the hamburger menu at the right top of the Chrome window.
  3. Now go to “Settings” and scroll down below.
  4. Click on the “Show Advanced Settings”
  5. Now scroll down further and find the “Use hardware acceleration when available” option.
  6. Here uncheck the box to disable the option.
  7. After disabling, Chrome needs a restart to make the changes effect.

That’s it, now you disabled the hardware acceleration on Chrome. I hope it will speed up your PC performance.

Let us know your experience after turning off the option in Google Chrome.


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