ExpressVPN Chrome Extension will Secure your Online Activities

For the ExpressVPN lovers, the company now has a Chrome extension which makes it possible to operate the service right from your browser. There are several situations where you need a quick solution to turn on/turn off your extension, change the location, or at least check the VPN connection status. For this, you used to depend on the software provided by the company.

From now on, you don’t have to access the application each time you wanted to complete such operations. Please note that, in order to operate the extension, you should have a Mac/Windows ExpressVPN app installed. Otherwise, it won’t work.

What ExpressVPN extension could do?

ExpressVPN Chrome Extension

As per the developers, the new extension can control most of the important parts of the service. We listed some of the most noticeable operations that the ExpressVPN extension can complete.

  • Can connect or disconnect from the VPN service. You don’t have to access the application to turn the VPN status anymore.
  • Can change the VPN location without accessing the application.
  • The extension will show three different connection statuses which are, orange while connecting, green when connected, and gray for errors.
  • Can block WebRTC

So, it can complete all the basic functionalities of the VPN alongside can complete some advanced operations such as WebRTC blocking.

How to get the ExpressVPN extension?

If you are an ExpressVPN customer, you could download the extension right from the desktop application. In order to do this,

  • Windows users navigate to the Menu > Options > Browsers and click on the Get Extension button.
  • Mac users navigate to Menu > Preferences > Browsers and click on the Get Extension button.

That’s it, your extension will be added to the selected browser, and you can access it without any further procedure.

So, your internet privacy is no more at risk. With one of the best VPN extensions such as the ExpressVPN, you can secure your online activities even from the browser itself. You could give a try to the ExpressVPN extension from the following link.

Get ExpressVPN Chrome Extension


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