How To Fix GPS Issues While Playing Pokemon Go

We know the popularity and craze over the Pokemon Go all over the world. Today I will show you how to maintain a stable GPS signal for Pokemon GO. We know Pokemon GO an augmented reality game which needs a good GPS response for smooth gameplay.

Unfortunately, I have seen some people are facing troubles while connecting GPS on their devices. There are some factors responsible for good GPS connectivity. Today I will show you the best practices to get a stable GPS connection while playing the Pokemon GO.

As we know the GPS signal is transmitted from the satellite, it will connect to our Android device with the help of software and an antenna module. Thus, we have to take care of the signal strength, software update and hardware working condition first.

Let’s walk through three of the best tips that would help you overcome the GPS issues while Playing Pokemon GO.

1. Signal strength

Unfortunately, Android doesn’t allow to check the GPS status and signal strength. Luckily, we have a GPS Status & Toolbox app to check the GPS signal strength, accuracy, speed and available satellites with good altitude.

2. Software Update

If you are facing hiccups while connecting to GPS, then it may be your software fault in some case. An outdated version of the firmware causes weak signal issues sometimes. Make sure to maintain your device up-to-date with the latest firmware whether it is a stock Android or custom Android ROM.

Now, let’s have a look at our last tip that could help you out in situations if the two above-mentioned tips don’t work for you.

3. High Accuracy Mode

In every Android device, we see a high accuracy option for location & services. However, it is not really (not necessarily) a great option for getting a good GPS signal, but I will suggest this one for Pokemon GO lovers. To enable High Accuracy mode, go to the Settings and search for the “location & services” option or similar.

Now, as you take a look at the services, make sure that your location services have been enabled. Next, you would observe another option – “Mode”. Now, tap on the option and set it to High Accuracy mode. Do note that the High Accuracy mode consumes more battery but gives accurate position results.

There’s also a simple workaround by using an app from the Play Store i.e “Faster GPS” (a great app to override your current GPS settings) but unfortunately, the developer stopped further development of the app. But the app is still available in the wild, you can give it a try.

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