The Great War is about to begin in first “Games of Thrones”  season seven trailer

The rushes of “Games of Thrones” Season Seven has just been released and shows Cersei(Lena Headey) stating that we will defeat whatever comes in between. Somewhat similar sentiments are echoed by Daenerys(Emilia Clarke) that she is destined to rule the seven kingdoms. The next season of the immensely popular HBO show will be premiered on July 16.However, there is not much which we can glean from the book on which the show is based, and there is no addition to what we know from season six.

Great War about to begin

The Season 7 trailer gives us a preview of the Great War which is coming in the “Game of Thrones.” We can expect epic battles and political upheavals in the coming year.  The epic battle is the fight between Daenerys’ Dothraki and Unsullied army on one side and the Queen Cersei’s Lannister forces on the other side. The battle is so intense Even Dragon gets into the fight. The clash is between Dothraki and Lannister army in an open field in the first scene followed by second, the Unsullied overtaking a Lannister keep

The sixth season of the Games of Thrones saw the destruction of the brutal Boltons and the sly Tyrells. Daenerys along with her allies sailed towards Westeros while in the North, the remaining Stark converged around the resurrected Jon Snow, declaring Ned Stark as the new King of the North.

Queen of the Seven Kingdom surrounded by enemies

This is bad news for the newly crowned Queen of the Seven Kingdom, Cersei Lannister, and it is from here the new trailer picks up for the Season 7 of the Games of Thrones.She is surrounded by her enemies in all direction. From the East, we have Dany, along with her loathed brother Tyrion and the fleet controlled by Yara Greyjoy. From the West we see more Greyjoys captained by the newly crowned king Euron. To the North lie, the Starks with all the horrors beyond the wall which will come in winter and to the South the Martells have partnered Olenna Tyrell along with the approaching forces under Dany’s control.

The trailer ends on an ominous note with Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham) declaring that unless unity is not achieved by shunning all enmities, all will die and it is irrelevant who will sit on the Iron Throne.



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