The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 rakes in  $150 million+  in local market, crosses $160 million overseas

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has raked in $160million from overseas market and is racing to pass the $150 million mark in the local American markets. The sequel to “Guardian of Angel” was released more than 4300 locations in North America. The predecessor of the flick had done a total business worth $773 million worldwide (Adjusted to today’s inflation levels). In recent times Marvel sequels Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War performed well in the opening days and the “Guardians….Volume 2” is also achieving the same benchmark.

Slick direction by James Gunn

Critics have rated the sequel excellent even though it is not so fresh or funny as the original. Still, it has everything to qualify it as a worthy sequel. The flick is directed by James Gunn once again, and the previous actors are also reprising their original roles. What has enamored the fans is the skill with which director James Gunn has woven and enmeshed the two story lines together to prevent any hiccup or problem for the audience to remember the earlier edition. The actors have done justice to their roles and so have Kurt Russel the only new face in the sequel.

Sequel takes off where the original left

The sequel takes over where it left in the original as the team continues its rendezvous with dangers as they travel through the outer reaches of the Universe. As the actual parentage of Peter Quill is revealed, the new found family must fight to ensure that the family stays together. Old enmities are forgotten, and favorite characters from classic comics come to the aid of the protagonists of the film.

It was the first of the three Marvel films which are scheduled for release in 2017.The nearest competition given the enormous fan following of the flick is “The Fate Of The Furious “which is in the top spot for the last three weeks.


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