How to Recover Your Lost Data From a Transcend Hard Drive

The Transcend manufactures and supplies external hard drives USB. The transcend external hard drives are globally admired for their implausible capability to transfer large files from one system to another easily alongside their sleek and durable design. It also serves a backup device to store valuable media files as well as crucial data. However, they are also prone to damage.

Just like the computer hard disk drives, you can lose your crucial data in your external transcend hard drive through many factors such as accidental deletion, accidental drive formatting, virus/malware attacks, physical damage among other factors.

There are several ways by which we can perform external hard drive recovery. Before we explore the Transcend data recovery methods, let us have a look at the various possible data loss scenarios you can experience from Transcend hard drives.

Common data loss scenarios on Transcend hard drives

Much as they look sturdy and robust, Transcend hard drives are also delicate in nature. Normal occurrences such as power outages or rough handling that appear minor are likely to cause significant damage to the drives.

Here are some of the common data loss scenarios on Transcend hard drives:

  • Uneven power surges
  • Accidental data deletions
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Physical damage to the hard drive’s structures
  • virus/malware attacks
  • Improper handling
  • Sudden system shutdown
  • Natural disasters and electrical faults

Despite all these Transcend hard drive data loss scenarios, we can still recover lost data. This is because there is a replica data stored on the system hard drive or server’s HDD, hence no permanent data loss unless you overwrite your old data.

Preventive measures we can consider in an event of data loss

In an event that you lose data, recovery methods are very delicate processes that should be left for experts to prevent permanent data loss. Here are some of the preventive measures you should consider to prevent more damage to your Transcend hard drive:

  • Do not use faulty drives
  • Do not inspect your faulty external drive on own
  • Do not overwrite on recently deleted or formatted files
  • Do not use drive instantly after a crisis

How to Recover Your Lost Data from Transcend Hard Drive

Irrespective of the cause of data loss on your Transcend hard drive, whether physical or logical, you can still recover your lost data effortlessly unless the data is overwritten.  Here are some of the common fixes for Transcend hard drive data recovery:

  1. In a case of physical damage

Data recovery from a physically damaged Transcend hard drive is delicate and requires a professional hard drive recovery services unless you are an expert in the field. The first thing to any data loss scenario is to identify the cause before you resolve on a recovery method.

[su_note]Attempt this process only if you have the necessary skills and knowledge else, you can cause more damage[/su_note]

2. When you can access the Transcend drive but not your data

There are instances where you can access the Transcend hard drive but fail to access your data. This could be caused by accidental deletion or formatting. In this case, it is advisable that you stop using your external hard drive to avoid overwriting on your affected data and seek professional advice from a reputable hard drive data recovery services firm.

3. When you aren’t sure about the cause of failure

This case might require a recovery CD or DVD to help recover your hard drive. Again, this requires expertise hence, it is highly recommended that you seek professional data recovery advice and services.

4. When the drive is not booting at all

When your Transcend hard drive cannot boot at all, consider removing it and connecting it to another PC. If it boots but you still cannot access your data, consider seeking professional data recovery services.

Bottom Line

While these Transcend data recovery fixes we have highlighted may be a sure shot, there are certain limitations associated with them. These include issues that may require both research and technical expertise If you have no or little technical expertise and sometimes you may not have to Transcend hard recovery CD or DVD.

Many data recovery programs are available on the Internet free of cost. You just need to pick a good data recovery software to recover lost data from a Transcend hard drive.

You can try any of these below.

Therefore, it is always advisable that you seek professional hard drive recovery services in an event that you fall a victim of such situations for more professional handling.


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