Is Your Company Using Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Effectively?

    As more and more companies adopt Project Portfolio Management processes, the question arises: how can be sure your company is reaping all the benefits?

    While we often theorize projects as discrete, independent units – the truth is that we rarely manage projects in isolation. The reality is that they’re inextricably interconnected. The question is by how much. Projects are always connected whether that’s by budget, timeline, or resources. How we manage and prioritize the mix of projects to ensure success across all the projects is what Project Portfolio Management is all about.

    You know the score – your agency has got 50 projects on the go, and they’re all overlapping, some of them for the same client, all using the same resources, some of them you’re doing to keep the lights on – others for the prospect of awards, and others just for pure innovation.

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    Is Your Company Using Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Effectively?


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