Jayasri Groups Announces Dealership Opportunities Across Andhra Pradesh

Jayasri Groups Announces Dealership Opportunities Across Andhra Pradesh

Ravulapalem — Jayasri Groups, a leading provider of electric vehicles and innovative technologies, is excited to announce its expansion plans by inviting dealership inquiries across Andhra Pradesh. The company has already established a strong presence in the region with 639 showrooms and 3,569 charging stations, offering unparalleled convenience and support to electric vehicle owners.

At the heart of Jayasri Groups offerings is their unique and ground-breaking innovation, the Smart Battery Management System (BMS). This cutting-edge technology is designed to prevent battery explosions, ensuring the safety and longevity of electric vehicles. By incorporating this advanced system, Jayasri Groups demonstrates its commitment to providing customers with reliable, eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Entrepreneurs and businesses in Andhra Pradesh now have the opportunity to partner with Jayasri Groups and capitalize on the growing demand for electric vehicles. As a Jayasri Groups dealer, partners will benefit from the company’s extensive experience, strong market presence, and comprehensive support in sales, marketing, and training.

Jayasri Groups continued growth and expansion of its charging infrastructure across Andhra Pradesh are testaments to the company’s dedication to making electric vehicles accessible and convenient for all. Prospective dealers can expect to be part of a progressive and environmentally responsible organization, contributing to the widespread adoption of sustainable transportation.


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Jayasri Groups has recently launched new showrooms in Kakinada, Narasapuram, and Tadepalligudem, in addition to its substantial presence throughout Andhra Pradesh. These important locations highlight the company’s dedication to providing customers throughout the region with accessible and easy electric vehicle options. Jayasri Groups continues to promote a sustainable transportation infrastructure by growing its network of showrooms and asks local entrepreneurs to join them in their aim to create a greener future.

Individuals and businesses interested in exploring dealership opportunities with Jayasri Groups are encouraged to visit the company’s website at jayasrigroups.in or contact their representative at 9281109374 for more information.

About Jayasri Groups

Jayasri Groups is a leading provider of electric vehicles and innovative technologies, committed to delivering sustainable transportation solutions. With a vast network of showrooms and charging stations, Jayasri Groups is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, making eco-friendly transportation accessible and convenient for all.

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+91 9281109375
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