Keep Your Passwords Secure With These Top Password Managers

People often face a lot of stress to keep their passwords safe and secure. Several sites have different conditions for passwords like a few will ask for at least 8 words password while others may ask for an uppercase or a number in the password.

Remember all these passwords with different conditions are a big challenge to remember and also this is not secure enough. Even if once the hacker can get the password of your one account then it might be that the hacker could password of your other accounts.

Talking of the worst-case if he/she gets the email password then they could change the password of your nearly every account.

But don’t worry as here you will find the top password managers and some password applications. Now let’s peek into the top 10 best password managers.

List of Best Password Managers:

1. Dashlane

This is one of the best platforms that is closed source, but the prices can be a little too high for few. Dashlane provides users with a free trial and also a 30 days money-back guarantee but still, it is the most expensive password manager of this list.

In the free plan, one can store at the most 50 passwords and this can only be run in a single device so it is not good for the long run. Dashlane provides a VPN service too that is limited in its premium package.

2. 1password

1Password is also a very expensive password manager. Plus you won’t be getting a free plan. But still, they do give you a trial version so that you can know it better. This password manager is much easier to operate, give good security, and also has better cross-compatibility.

One thing that is very important to note here is that the Apple company had hired them for the password management of the overall 123,000 of its workers. They must have done a lot of research and then chosen the 1Password!

3. Nordpass

The prices of NordPass are competitive especially if one wants a package for the long run. They don’t provide any free trial, but still one can use their 30 days no-quibble money-back guarantee.

It is a very strong and user-friendly password manager.

4. Lastpass

LastPass allows you to use its core features for free that include generation of password, save and fill passwords and you can also access them on any other device. LastPass is not new and has completed over a decade in this industry and support 58 languages.

But still, to get all the features one has to buy the freemium package.

5. Roboform

Roboform can be a good choice for long runs. As it is already an old player in this industry so it gives many functionality ad forms. But one might face a lot of lags when it comes to modernization.

But still, it is a good password manager and its pricing ranges from $1.79-$1.99.

6. Keepass

Keepass will provide you with one of the password management facility but one should know to use it. This is an open-source passwords manager that provides users with encryption and customizability. It only has one limitation that it offers a limited number of passwords to store in the drive.

They have hidden prices or any kind of locked features. It is very secure because it has an offline nature that locally saves passwords.

7. Sticky password

Sticky password is much more different from others on the list. They provide free annual premiums, and also they give a special premium plan for a lifetime. Their free plans give the facility of biometric authentication.

They have also initiated a charitable campaign for the endangered animals. Well, this does not mean that it has upgraded the features but anyhow it is a good password manager.

8. LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce is a much versatile manager for passwords and since it has removed the previous limitations. Its free version has limited ads so users don’t get annoyed by the ads. You can operate it on several devices.

LogMeOnce supports pin code, mater password, biometric authentication, and photo login too!

9. NortonPasswordManager

The NordPassword Manager is free-of-cost. The password generator of this is directly provided on the site rather than being in-built.

Good thing is that one can use any password manager and utilize this right from their browser.

10. Zoho vault

Zoho Vault is new to this industry. They provide a free trial of 15 days on the enterprise package and if one runs out of it then they are switched to a free plan. After the trial is completed then they don’t underhand billing automatically.

They don’t have put limitation storing of passwords, not even in the free version. One minor inconvenience that they have is that users won’t be able to manage two pages login.

How do these password managers work?

These password managers store all the passwords by the use of just a single master password. You just have to remember this one password and all your passwords will be safe with you. Both of the master passwords and the passwords are encrypted to ensure complete security.

You will notice that most of the password managers might give mobile apps or extension of browsers, this would automatically fill passwords. This is a good feature especially when one is utilizing the public password.

These also can synchronize all the passwords across all of the devices you want. It does not matter if you want to enter the password in mobile, desktop, tablet, or another device the password manager would help you in that.

What to keep in mind while purchasing a password manager?

Here are some points that you must keep in mind before choosing a password manager for you.

  • Pricing– Several password managers in the market are either too cheap or else too expensive. The password manager also provides free trails or give a free version. So do use this thing to pick up the best password manager for you. Try as many as you want and then choose wisely which one to pick at last.
  • Features-Password managers can provide a wide range of features that can be very useful in keeping your passwords secure. Here are some features that you can look for while choosing the best one for you-
  • Password generator– this is a build-in feature that is one of the best features that a password manager could provide you with. Just know that the online password generators that work for free can’t be much secure and trustworthy.
  • Cross compatibility-mostly the password managers are compatible with all kinds of devices of its tablet, phone, or laptop. They can sync up your entire password in each device you want. This will save you from the problems of failed logins.
  • Automatic filling of the password-this feature will automatically fill the password for sites. This can be of great use.
  • Biometric security– there are now several password managers that provide this feature. This includes the use of face ID or fingerprint to use as the master password. So it makes login into apps and sites very easy.
  • Security-always remember that the ultimate use of passwords is not just for the convenience but is to keep all your accounts safe and secure. So look for such password managers that provide better security.
  • Two-factor authentication or TFA– if somehow a person can get to your master password then the two-factor authentication will save you from this. The person will have to get your device and will have to unlock it for the two-factor authentication.
  • Encryption– this is also one of the most necessary parts of ensuring safe passwords. That’s why one needs to make a strong password so no one could know it.
  • Public security– one of the greatest issue of password come when you have to enter it in public. The password manager helps you to solve this. They automatically fill your passwords so the key loggers are not able to track the key hits.

Is the password manager safe to use?

The password managers are the ones who have the duty of saving all of your passwords and taking care of them and this entire model of business will be useless if there is no trust. All your passwords are saved with the best encryption, but this cannot be said for the master password.

If you choose a password manager that is supporting the policy of zero-knowledge then they don’t store the master passwords or the encryption keys.

Anyway, it better to use a password manager rather than manually manage all of your passwords. But always keep in mind to choose the best password manager according to your use and budget.

So here was all information relating to the password manager. Above were also mentioned top password managers that one can use to keep the entire password safe by just remembering the master password. before getting a password manager just keep in mind the above-mentioned points, these will help you to get the best password manager possible.


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