Nature has a new address in Hyderabad with the launch of Maredumilli – The Forest Grill and Bar

Nature has a new address in Hyderabad with the launch of Maredumilli - The Forest Grill and Bar

Let’s start with the forest concept. Maredumilli is the finest forest village located in the eastern ghats near Rajahmundry city. It symbolises nature with waterfalls and hill stations. By taking inspiration from the Maredumilli, Mr Kuchipudi Venkat Garu recreated the forest at the heart of Hyderabad. Maredumilli – The Forest Grill and Bar.

The concept is the brainchild of Mr. Kuchipudi Venkat garu. The restaurant is successfully launched by Mr S.S. Rajamouli Garu on August 12th, 2022.

According to their press release, they clearly explained the soul of the restaurant.

Yes! You all heard it right, the Eastern Ghats’ most engrossing and irresistible village Maredumilli is now ever closer to your home as it has always been to your hearts to serve you the finest and authentic food with thirst quenchers.

Every land possesses its own flavours, Maredumilli is the land of its own seasonings and savours. In this city forest-themed restaurant you can enjoy those flavours with an incredible palate of your choice.

Maredumilli is the best-grilled restaurant in Hyderabad. The good thing about Maredumilli is you can choose your own flavour. Yes! Some people like chilli, some like ginger and garlic and some like coriander flavour. If you ask me I personally like gongura, you can choose any flavour combinations which tastes heavenly for you.

Also, a lunch or a dinner without a dessert is like beauty with one eye, maybe that’s why this forest nature Maredumilli gives us its exclusive dessert Erragulabi Virisindi” with its boon companions.

If you are a food partner when you hear Hyderabad first thing that comes to your mind is biryani right? Then you must swigged a mouthful of biryani with relish, its tang spellbinds you.

Maredumilli is not some regular restaurant which gives you the same experience every time, in every occurrence, it is new, fresh, and hot because of its nature.

Come and enjoy your next healthy appetite under the trees, in the woods: in the pottery at Maredumilli.

The hot favourites on the menu include an “Erragulabi Virisindi” an exclusive dessert made for the Maredumilli.

You can visit the restaurant at:

1st Floor, Cyber Edifice, Greenland Colony, P Janardhan Reddy Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032.

For bookings and reservation-related information you can call at 9182529125

Vithala Siri Hara Ganapathi

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