n-gage Messenger To Reward Users With Equity

Launches ‘N-Gage Champions Program’ for its Indian users

Today, messaging apps are all over the market. According to Harvard Business Review, 6 out of 10 global apps are messaging applications used by 1.4 billion people around the world. What’s more astonishing is that this figure is growing by 12% every year.1 But where would these messaging applications be without its 1.4 billion users?

We often hear the success of messenger apps such as, WhatsApp, WeChat and Hike gaining a large user base and subsequent popularity. However, the point that is often taken for granted is the users contribution to the success of these messaging apps.  Aside from being able to send messages, what other benefits do these users receive?

Here is an app that is about to add another first to its name. n-gage, the most private messenger, which was launched in January this year has already gained more than 8 lakhs of downloads and is now launching a program to reward its users. n-gage is now poised to give away 250 million shares worth of Equity* to its global users. What’s more, India is the first out of 50 countries to be allocated with Equity for its Indian users.

Indian users will get over 60 million shares worth of Equity in n-gage.  The first one million founding Indian users to register onto n-gage, will automatically be credited 20 N-Gage Loyalty Points (NLP), equivalent to 20 shares in n-gage, and become partners in a business that they have helped grow.

n-gage users, or rather the “Champions” will be able to earn more N-Gage Loyalty Points when they get their friends and family to use the app. Further details can be found in the rewards part of the n-gage app. Each N-Gage Loyalty Point can be exchanged at an appropriate time with either one n-gage share or its cash equivalent.

What is n-gage?

n-gage, the Playful, Private and Transforming Lives messenger was recently launched in India by Mr. Ajit Patel, CEO & Founder of n-gage. India is the first market for n-gage, a single app with features and functions that aim to change the way people communicate. It is the world’s first app to present users with a host of features to encourage users to say what they mean, whilst choose from an array of unique privacy features to safeguard their messages.


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