, Inc. Gets Megazone Cloud Investment to Revolutionize Mobile Cloud Gaming for Developers, Inc. Gets Megazone Cloud Investment to Revolutionize Mobile Cloud Gaming for Developers

New partnership focuses on transforming the mobile gaming industry with innovative business models

Mumbai, March 27, 2023:, Inc. has announced a strategic investment from MEGAZONECLOUD aimed at bringing new business models to the mobile gaming industry. Leveraging, Inc.’s solutions, MEGAZONECLOUD will empower Asian game developers to migrate their games to the cloud, introducing new business models and expanding their global audiences.

“Traditional marketing strategies have become less effective, prompting game developers to seek disruptive solutions to broaden their reach efficiently., Inc.’s groundbreaking technology has reduced cloud costs by 100 times, unlocking transformative potential for the mobile gaming industry. By integrating this with MEGAZONECLOUD’s tailored solutions, developers will be able to harness the power of cloud technology and reshape their businesses,” said Ju-wan Lee, CEO of MEGAZONECLOUD.

“Until now, game developers have been hesitant to adopt cloud technology due to high costs and the need for specialized game clouds. Our innovative distributed and real-time cloud technology has made cloud-based businesses economically viable for game developers. We believe this partnership with MEGAZONECLOUD will substantially increase cloud adoption and create new revenue streams for developers,” said Rosen Sharma, CEO of, Inc.

By utilizing, Inc.’s technology-focused offerings, game developers can greatly expand their games’ discoverability by delivering a high-quality, ad-free, cross-platform experience.

“With access to cloud solutions, developers can concentrate on crafting the best gaming experiences for their players while reaching new audiences worldwide. The partnership between MEGAZONECLOUD and is expected to provide a significant boost to Korean mobile game developers,” said Ju-wan Lee, CEO of MEGAZONECLOUD.

MEGAZONECLOUD is Asia’s premier cloud provider with the largest number of game customers in Korea, while, Inc. ranks among the world’s largest cloud gaming services, boasting 6 billion+ minutes played per month and 20 million+ MAU. This announcement reinforces the longstanding partnership between the two companies, which is dedicated to helping local game developers extend their reach and audience through cutting-edge cloud gaming technology.

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