Official Review Video of Big Battery Flagship BLUBOO S3

The Samsung S9 like BLUBOO S3 kicks off its global launch promotion on 18th April and following that BLUBOO’s official Youtube channel release the first review of this big battery model, which shows more specific details. Let’s check it out, video link: 

For big battery phone, customers care about the thickness, they don’t want to carry a phone feels like a brick with them. In the video, BLUBOO compares its S3 model with Doogee BL12000, obviously the latter is much thicker. Moreover, BLUBOO S3 is well curved and thus perfectly fit into palm so as to provide better hand feeling than BL12000.

In the screen test, BLUBOO is confident enough to take Samsung S8 as a rival. As we all know Samsung S8 equipped with a top-end Amoled infinity displayer, while the BLUBOO S3 surprisingly did not collapse any matter of color accuracy or detail presenting. It seems the SHARP screen with 1080*2160P resolution and in-cell technology on BLUBOO S3 is capable enough to create a satisfactory visual effect.

As for the camera test, although very short. It can still be seen that the 21.0MP+5.0MP dual rear camera and the 13.0MP selfie shooter do take decent photos in daylight. Especially the front camera, its resolution goes up to 13.0MP, which is rare in mid-end phones, and the sample photos show very accurate color.

The most important part, without doubt, is the battery, BLUBOO just shows a simple consumption test, in which BLUBOO S3 presents a superb performance by playing video for an hour while only consume 2% of it power. More interesting test on the battery will come out later since the battery is the main selling point of this model.

Besides, NFC function, OTG function also get shown in the video. With these two useful function, BLUBOO S3 will be more helpful in your daily life. Wifi speed is also quite decent since it supports 5G frequency.

Now BLUBOO S3 is in its global launch promotion, from 18th April to 27th April, the first 999 buyers can get the phone for just $149.99 and a $50 gift pack which includes an OTG adapter, a headphone adapter and a 3 in 1 type-c cable for recharge function. What’s, every day during the promotion period, 2 lucky buyers will get the phone for free and the first 10 buyers will get the phone for just $84.99 at 20:00 pm(UTC +8). It is really a deal you can not miss. You can also check BLUBOO Official  to learn more details of this presale promotion.


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