OneDrive for Windows 10 Has Duplicate Files, Photos and Songs

OneDrive for Windows 10 Has Duplicate Files, Photos and Songs

Microsoft OneDrive helps users store their personal photos, documents, music, and files in one place. This cloud storage service provides some handy storage for PCs, smartphones, laptops and offers a file-syncing feature.

Has your OneDrive storage gone haywire with tons of duplicate files? Sorcim’s Clone Files Checker is a tool that helps you work smarter and efficient by getting rid of identical copies of your original files. Read on.

Deleting Dupes Using the Website

You just need to download your cloud content on your PC, scan it for duplicates and then upload the original files.

  1. Log-in to your Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage account. Enter your email and the password credential.
  2. After signing in, click the Files tab on the left.
  1. Move your mouse cursor to the top right corner of a folder you wish to include in the scan, and then check the selection box.
  1. Select multiple folders in a similar manner.
  1. Click the Download button on the toolbox.
  1. The selected files and folders will be downloaded in the Zip format.
  2. Extract the files using Free 7 Zip File Manager, a file compressing/ decompressing tool. (Select all items > Extract).

Using Clone Files Checker

  1. Download Clone Files Checker.
  2. Click Add.
  1. Select the extracted folder(s), click OK.
  1. Select All Files to include all file types or Custom to limit the scan to certain file types.
  1. You can also customize the File Size Filters to ignore certain file sizes.
  1. Click Start Search to initiate the scan.
  1. The scan will be over within a few minutes.
  1. The result will be displayed on your screen.
  1. Click Fix Wizard (action) > Newest or Oldest (files to retain) > Permanent Delete or Move to folder (action).
  1. Alternatively, you can click Review & Fix (action) > Select Duplicates > Retain newest files in each group > Select Action > Permanent Delete or Move to Folder.
  1. Go to the OneDrive cloud storage, click Upload and select the original files.

Deleting Dupes Using Cloud Sync Feature

Windows 10 users don’t need to install any external app. Just activate the pre-build OneDrive cloud synchronization feature in the operating system.

  1. Click on File Explorer.
  2. Click the OneDrive icon on the left panel.
  1. You’ll be prompted to enter your Microsoft OneDrive email id to continue. Enter your email id and click Sign in.
  1. Enter the password and click Sign in once again.
  1. It may take some time to sign in.
  1. After a successful sign in, it’ll display the default OneDrive location: C:\Users\UserName\OneDrive. Click Change location if you wish to alter it. (Optional).
  1. Click Next.
  2. Determine whether you want to synchronize all or only a specific set of folders stored in the cloud. Check Sync all files and folders in OneDrive or use the corresponding checkboxes. The download size will be displayed on the bottom left.
  1. Click Next.
  2. Click Not now when informed about the premium storage facility.
  1. OneDrive will display a tour to make you familiar with the synchronization procedure.
  1. Click Next arrow until you’ve landed up in the OneDrive folder.
  1. Your computer will display a balloon notification.
  1. File Explorer will display the contents of your OneDrive folder.
  1. Download Clone Files Checker.
  2. Right-click OneDrive, select Scan with CloneFilesChecker option.
  3. After successfully processing the duplicates, the synchronization process will ensure the chances you made are mirrored in the OneDrive storage and hence, you’ll get rid of the duplicates.

Vithala Siri Hara Ganapathi

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