Review: ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales.’ Tedious rehash

Looking at “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” one gets a reminder of why we have enjoyed the previous versions, and sadly the latest edition can be described as a tedious rehash. Of course, there are plenty of Rube Goldbergian action sequences, like one with a bank vault and another with a guillotine, once again making the viewer nostalgic about the crazy inventiveness of Gore Verbinski, the original director.

International element abound

The foreign elements abound in the latest version of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Unlike in the past the flick this time has been directed by Norwegians Jochim Rodding and Espen Sandberg, of “Kon-Tiki” fame.

Two young dudes join hands in a search for a mysterious and powerful object. They are joined by Jack Sparrow and hot on their tails are their old enemies and a couple of new ones-The British Navy and a gluttonous pirate Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush); and a mass of Phantoms led by the ghostlike Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem), known as the butcher of the sea.

Johnny Depp: Only bright spot in a dreary tale

Johnny Depp is back as an iconic, swaggering anti-hero Jack Sparrow in an all new Pirate flick. The adventure finds Jack coming to terms with the winds of bad luck blowing his way and deadly ghost sailors led by Captain Salazar who has escaped from the Devil’s Triangle; hell bent on slaying every pirate at sea including Jack. The only respite for Jack is in the Trident of Poseidon. However, to get his hands on it, he must befriend Carina Smyth (Scodelario), a shining and gorgeous astronomer, and Henry (Thwaites), an obstinate young sailor in the Royal Navy. Aboard his pitiful and worn out ship, Jack must reverse his latest misfortunes but also save his life from a dubious and deadly foe he has never met

The saga tediously rolls on for two hours until you are woken up by the jarring music of equally tedious and lengthy credits.


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