Romoss Rolink Hybrid Cable Review

Romoss Rolink Hybrid Cable Review

Fed up of using those separate cables to charge your lovely iPhone and handy Android? For a change, here is the RoLink Hybrid Cable which can connect or charge both Android and iOS devices. With a different concept of data cables, the RoLink Hybrid cable comes with both Lightning 8-pin and Micro-USB on the same connector. Built with highly reliable materials, the product is gorgeous outside and reliable inside. Having a look into the features will give you a better idea of the product.

Good Design

At the first look to the cable, the connecting edges look stunningly similar to an apple lightning connector. The steel-like finishing on the USB edge boosts the visual impact considerably. The flat body made of TPU material is also a nice addition to the excellent design. A little elastic behavior helps to use it without the irritation of the tough material. All in all, the design is a plus point of the RoLink Hybrid Cable.

Quality in the Build

The Romoss RoLink Hybrid Cable is built with highly reliable Eco-Friendly TPE material which protects the product from wear. It also helps the cable to have an elastic behavior which is beneficial for the day to day usage. The copper core inside provides high-speed charging as well as reliable data transfer. The product is protected by the Chromium Alloy casing that passed many rigorous tests to ensure the protection for years.

Compatible with almost all Devices

Worrying about the compatibility doesn’t stand a chance on this product. The list is large including the below-given devices.

  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus; iPhone SE/5S/5C/5;
  • iPod Nano/Touch; iPad Air/mini/4 (not compatible with iPad Pro)
  • Samsung/Huawei/Xiaomi/MEIZU/ZTE smartphones and tablets

Which means, there is no chance for you to own a device which is not compatible with the RoLink Hybrid Cable.

Quick Charging

The mainstream quick charge technology used in the engineering provides a super-fast charging through this cable. No matter which device you are trying to charge with the cable. The Qualcomm Quick Charge is intelligent enough to boost the process to the extreme. The cable also utilizes the technologies like MTK Pump Express, Huawei FCP, Samsung Fast Charge, etc. to provide the feature on almost any known devices.

Passed Many Rigorous Tests

As per the company, the RoLink Hybrid Cable passed many rigorous tests including Flexing Test, Salt Spray Test, High-Low Temperature Test, Plugging Test, etc. Instead of testing it 10 or 20 times, the company ensured the quality and reliability of the product by running them thousands of times and in continuous hours. If they true their words, its one of the best hybrid cables you can opt out.


After having a thorough look at the details and the testing procedure alongside analyzing the features, the RoLink Hybrid Cable is a nice product which might be a life changer if you own both Android and iOS devices. Instead of carrying separate cables for all your devices, it is absolutely a brilliant idea to choose such a hybrid product to do the job. If you wish, you could give a try to this product on your next shopping.

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