Rove is a New Social App that Enables Like-minded Travelers to Connect and Share Experiences

Rove is a new travel social app launched by a Bengaluru based startup. The app helps users to connect with like-minded travelers from across the world and post stories, ask for recommendations, and even chat and meet up.

While all-in-one social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook connect you with people of varied interests, Rove focuses exclusively on travel and is an ad-free social platform that connects passionate travelers based on their most loved interests.

What is Rove?

According to the company. within 72 hours of the global launch on May 12, 2018, 25,000 people signed up and the app has been trending in ‘Social’ category on the Google Play Store.


Rove wants to reinvent traveling and make it a social experience. You don’t need to visit old-school travel websites since the app allows you to get recommendations from the fellow, like-minded travelers. It encourages travel, instead of visiting destinations, and helps you share your experiences with the global travel community and connect with travelers who share the same interests as you.

“Like-mindedness will be a new dimension in the consumer internet world, and it will fundamentally change the way people consume and connect on the internet.”

  • Natarajan H K, Co-founder, Glynk

Natarajan is one of the co-founders of Glynk and leads the product at the company. Rove is a product of Glynk, a social networking platform that has over a million users from across the world.

Rove has just been launched for Android smartphones (download) and will soon be available for iOS as well. Rove is free to download the app on Google Play Store, although there’s a subscription to unlock some extra benefits.

Vithala Siri Hara Ganapathi

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