Soundgarden Rocker Chris Cornell’s wife refutes suicide claims

The music world has been stunned by the sudden demise of Rock musician Chris Cornell. The lead singer of the band group Soundgarden and Audioslave committed suicide by hanging himself early Thursday at his hotel room in Detroit. However, a full autopsy report is awaited before a conclusion can be made about his death. Meanwhile, Cornell’s wife has disputed the suicide reports and said that he might have taken an overdose of the anti-anxiety drug he was prescribed for his anxiety.

Finest singer of the grunge movement

Cornell was a path-breaking singer and a proponent of the grunge movement. He gained fame and critical acclaim with the Seattle-based Soundgarden band. The rock singer was immensely successful outside the band with other ventures which included Temple of Dog, Audioslave, and other solo albums. He was in the middle of his current Soundgarden’s tour which was to conclude on May 27.

Could be a result of drug overdose

Cornell’s wife revealed that Cornell was a recovering addict and was prescribed an anxiolytic drug Ativan. According to Cornell’s family, if he indeed committed suicide he was not aware of what he was doing. Experts opine that Ativan in high doses can cause paranoia and suicidal thoughts. A Men’s health magazine featured an 11-year-old interview in which Cornell was seen speaking about his struggle with depression and negative thoughts.
Meanwhile, Cornell’s family lawyer Kirk Pasich asked fans to have patience and wait for the Toxicology reports to come out. As of now, his family’s belief is that if the star indeed committed suicide, he was not aware of his actions.

City pays tribute to its son

Meanwhile, grief-stricken fans poured at memorials across Seattle to bid adieu to the Rock musician who had made the city proud with his somber songs. Fans gathered around the Sound Garden statuette at a Seattle park. Incidentally, the name of Cornell’s band was derived from the place. Seattle’s Space Needle went dark at 9 p.m. as a mark of respect for Cornell who was born and raised in the city. Cornell was one of the foremost singers in the grunge scene which gained popularity in the 90’s and fused the pomposity of early 1970s heavy metal with the belligerence and attitude of punk rock.


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