‘Star Trek: Discovery’ trailer is finally out

The first trailer for “Star Trek: Discovery” was shown on CBS and we got the first view of humans and aliens in the new series. The sci-fi series has been expanded to 15 episodes and will also feature a talk show called “Talking Trek” after the show.

Plenty of action and new faces

The rushes of the series featured an excess of Federation action, spacecraft and a whole load of new characters. The time line has been set a decade before Captain Kirk, and Spock ventured out into the frontiers of the cosmos in the Enterprise. It is a well-made trailer with opening shots in the desert. The effects are good, production is lavish, and no expenses have been left to make the series look grand.  Sonequa Martin-Green as the lead has been particularly impressive.

Show expected this fall

First announced by CBS in 2015, the show ran into a problem one after another. It is almost 562 days since the announcement by CBS that it is going to resurrect Star Trek. Tit bits of information kept trickling about new cast members, aliens, a lead actress, and Spock’s father. However what was not forthcoming was the premiere date. A teaser was released in 2016 at the San Diego Comic-Con, and the series was expected to begin in January 2017. It was again delayed, and the launch pushed forward to May. The latest trailer hints that the show is again back on track. Sources revealed that at present, the sixth episode is being shot.

The trailer starts with the captain telling the protagonist to consider her command followed by a ship which comes out of the cloud. The show also gives a better view of a new alien named Lieutenant Saru, played by Doug Jones and has the power to know impending death.

The release of the two-minute trailer will give the fans of “Star Trek” plenty to ponder upon and the hope that this fall they can finally get to view the latest version of the sci-fi serial.


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