Why You Should Start Using Wix?

Wix is a website builder which allows creating stunning websites within a matter of minutes. Unlike many other website builders on the field, Wix power packs something special that makes it extremely easy to design, publish, and maintain websites. Either for your business needs or personal use, the Wix has the solution. With thousands of pre-built templates, Wix lets you select one and customize it as per your requirements. Easy drag and drop interface makes it even easier to craft your perfect website.

After having a good experience with the Wix and using it for several websites, we thought of sharing our experience with the readers. There are hundreds of website builders out there. So, you might need something special inside Wix to choose it for your dream website setup. So, we are sharing, why you should choose Wix over any other web site builders out there. Have a look.

Website building was never been easier

It was extremely difficult to find some web designers and web developers and pay them thousands of bucks for setting up a single website. But using Wix, all you have to do is zero investment and a few minutes. Select a template from thousands of pre-built website templates, customize it as per your requirements, and publish your website. That’s the process. Nothing difficult is there in between. With the drag and drop website builder, you will be able to drag the required materials from the toolbar and drop it wherever you need it on your web page. Just make the necessary editing before publishing it to the outer world.

Pre-built templates

You do not have to build your website from scratch. You just have to continue the designing process by selecting one from thousands of pre-built templates to how to create a website. After choosing the perfect one for your website, make the necessary changes. You can change almost anything on the template as you build it from scratch. The templates are categorized into different sections such as business, online store, photography, video, music, portfolio, landing pages, etc. So, you could select the perfect option without having a deep search.

Advanced designing technologies

Wix utilizes advanced designing technologies to make it even simpler creating stunning websites. The Artificial Design Intelligence is the best one among them. It virtually assists you in the web building process by suggesting the necessary changes and possibilities in the design. By combining thousands of simultaneous materials, the ADI can suggest you millions of variations for your website. So, you don’t even have to design your website yourself, the Wix will assist you there too.

Built for traffic

We all know that search engines play a vital role in driving traffic to a website. For this, optimizing your website for the search engines is essential. The professionals call it SEO (Search engine optimization.) The Wix core itself is optimized for the search engines by following all the industrial standards. In addition, they also let you make your own changes to the search engine friendliness of your website. This makes it easier to organically attract visitors. In addition, you will be also able to analyze the website visitors for optimizing your content for them.

Compatible with mobile devices

Wix is not limited to the PCs or Macs, you could use it on almost any of the devices where you can run apps and browse the internet. It has mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms allowing users to stay updated with their website stats and the visitors. Recently, they added a live chat feature to the website builder. You will be able to interact with the visitors in real-time using the Wix app. Apart from such features, the Wix templates are completely mobile-friendly. You will never make a mobile user disappointed due to the laggy mobile interface and unaligned design.

Free to Use

What If you get all these for absolutely free of cost? Doesn’t it sound good? Yes. Wix lets you use all of these features for free. Even you can build your domain as a subdomain of the Wix website. Which means, you even don’t have to spend money on a domain, and hosting for your website. If you are a serious business owner, Wix also provides premium options where you can use your own domain and hosting services. The pricing of the premium plans is very low when compared to the competitors in the industry.


After having thorough testing sessions with the Wix, we found it as one of the best website builders out there. With a ton of website templates, you should consider Wix on your list. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for complex web building process, isn’t it a wise idea to use such a service? So, go and give a try to the Wix.


  1. You should never use Wix. 1st. it’s not an American company it’s based in Israel . 2nd They have no, No support it’s all email driven, they tell you they will give you a call back they don’t. I was once locked out they wanted a copy of my drivers license or passport – why? Who gives foreigners or anyone copies of identification? Buyer beware, keep our money in our country.


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