Support your favourite FIFA team on Xploree smart keyboard

With the FIFA season in full swing, Xploree AI keyboard, the smart mobile keyboard app by KeyPoint Technologies, has introduced FIFA themes on the app. There is a total of 9 themes representing 8 participating countries as well as one common theme for soccer fans. The themes are designed as per each team’s national flag to represent the individual countries that are participating in the FIFA World Cup 2018. Xploree is one of the great keyboard which is packed with AI features in recent times.

Xploree has been constantly enhancing the user experience of their smart keyboard based on customer usage patterns and feedback. So, if you are chatting with your friends, sharing updates on FIFA or discussing the matches, then Xploree smart keyboard with FIFA themes is the best app for all your chat sessions.

Xploree is the world’s 1st mobile keyboard application that understands user’s intent and gives real-time recommendations. Currently, on 20 million devices, Xploree allows users to receive relevant recommendations and content while they chat, search, browse apps, etc. The keyboard understands and identifies user intent, preferences, interests and maps them to real-time discoveries. The app’s brand partnerships and the ability to bring value to users with 150 global and Indic languages, is being leveraged by brands across all verticals, to establish direct engagement with consumers, including those associated with this FIFA season.

About Xploree AI-Keyboard:

Xploree is world’s 1st AI-powered mobile keyboard application that understands user intent & suggests recommendations in real time. The award-winning app supports 150 global and 28 Indic languages and is currently delighting users on 20M devices. KeyPoint Technologies is the leader in AI, NLP, input & language technology space. We are trusted partners to OEMs, Operators, and App Developers for developing intelligent interfaces, engines & input experiences.

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