Thousands attend Ariane Grand concert for terror attack victim benefit

It was a show of defiance, optimism in Manchester when Ariana Grande and her troupe led a tribute to those who lost their life in the terror bombing of her concert in May. The concert called “One Love Manchester” was also attended by Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and others. The venue of the show was at Old Trafford Cricket Ground and was also accompanied by a section of attendees of the original concert in a sign of defiance that they will not be cowed down by acts of terrorism. The tickets for the show were sold out in less than six minutes. The concert raised more than $10 million for the victims of the tragedy.

Another dastardly attack

It was a grim irony that just 24 hours before the show London witnessed another horrific terror attack, and nine people were stabbed by terrorists. The incident led to British Premier remarking that enough is enough and ordered complete revamp of the nation’s anti-terror strategy. However, the incident had limited effect on the enthusiasm of the fans.

Manchester residents will not be cowed down by terror

Manchester Arena where a suicide bomber had detonated himself just outside the arena gate killing 22 people and injuring more than 100 people was quiet. The streets were lined with hundreds of bouquets and toys including stuffed bears with scribble messages of kids. The words read-“Dear Terrorists, we will not be cowed down by your cowardly acts.” Nearby St. Ann’s Square was an even bigger display of flowers, toys, and balloons, swaying in the wind.

About an hour after the concert ended, media houses were reporting that ISIS had taken responsibility for the knife attack in London. A van mowed down pedestrians on the London Bridge killing seven people. This was followed by an attack by knife wielding terrorists. Thankfully the mayhem lasted only eight minutes before the three terrorists were shot dead by police.


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