Top 5 Best Creativity Apps for Android Smartphones

If you consider yourself as a creative person, there are plenty of apps that can help you with your creative pursuits. Even in your smartphones, you can continue working on your projects.

Yes, mobile devices can do that and much more, especially with the best creativity apps for Android smartphones. That’s why in this post, we have compiled the best apps that you can use so you can continue working on your projects even while you are on the go.

1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

This app is from the same makers of Photoshop. With this tool, you can manage your images with editing programs. You can organize, edit, export, and share your photos online. This app boasts Split Toning tools where you can add highlights and shadows. It also has Dehaze where you can add clarity and contrast, making your photos more dramatic. Lightroom is easy to use and it is also free. All you need to do is download it.


2. Moleskine Notes

Almost everyone loves Moleskines. However, it might frustrate you that your notes, sketches, and doodles are only limited to paper. With Moleskine, you get to have the Smart Writing Set. What happens is that with your smartpen, you can easily transfer your notes and doodles to your mobile device while writing on paper. You even get to transfer them to your smartphone in real time. Now you are not only limited to the pages of your Moleskine. You can easily share them to your Facebook page if you want to.


3. Google Accessibility Scanner

Accessibility Scanner

For the people in Google, they believe that for those who build apps for Android smartphones and mobile devices, accessibility of the designs is important. This considers the differently-abled users, making the apps easier to use for anyone. With this app, developers are able to test their apps. They can then receive suggestions on how to better enhance their accessibility.


4. Magisto

Magisto is an amazing app to use if you enjoy combining videos and photos with your favorite music. You can choose from the selection of music and songs within the app. If you don’t like any of those, you can choose one from your own phone or mobile device and use that instead. Not only that, you can even add effects so you can create short films or videos. There are also numerous filters to choose from. With just a small fee, you can even unlock some of the other amazing features that this app has to offer.


5. Animation Desk

Do you like the thought of an endless supply of paper for your animation sketches? This app is perfect for you. It is almost the same tool the professional animators use. There is an onion skin feature where you can have a see-through page so you can see your previous drawings. This will make sure that you will have accurate drawings for each frame. Once you are satisfied with your animation, all you need to do is to save it as a video and you can easily share it in social media platforms.


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