10 Unknown Benefits of App Lock

Keeping your mobile devices safe from unwanted users is essential these days, when you may have all kinds of information that you’d prefer to keep personal.

Whether you want to keep your kids from accessing your photos or your roommate from accessing your Facebook account, an app lock can make sure that only you decide who sees your stuff.

Here are 10 unknown benefits of app lock:

1. Simple access

A good app lock will allow you to easily and quickly lock apps. Some app locks provide different levels of access, so you can set guest use or child use, depending on what you want to prevent access to.

2. It’s not obvious

Most app locks won’t make it obvious that you are preventing unwanted access to your apps, and will only give prompts once access is attempted.

3. Space control

Since an app lock keeps up to date on what apps are on your phone, an added feature may be that it allows you to easily control your phone’s storage amount by letting you easily delete unwanted apps.

4. Cool design features

If you’re looking for some neat design features to add, a lot of app lock software will allow you to opt-in to app designs or different home screens depending on what access level you’ve selected.

5. Layers of protection

Not only will an app lock provide you with passcode options, but many locks will also require an extra step to unlock, to be sure that someone doesn’t guess your passcode or obtain entry.

6. It locks more than apps

Let’s say you want to restrict the ability for others to access your photos – a lock app can help you to specifically lock specific content like photos or emails. It’s wise to Leo Privacy Guard and others that provide lock app services to your phone or tablet to avoid your data being compromised.

7. It will save you money

One of the biggest problems that parents have these days is children of all ages gaining access to financial information or app stores, or inadvertently purchasing in-app content. The best way to avoid this is by installing a lock app so that you can be sure to protect against unwanted expenses.

8. It goes to sleep and wakes back up

Some apps will stop functioning once a device goes to sleep, so a good lock app will keep apps locked both once a phone goes to sleep and it wakes back up, making sure it keeps your info safe whether you’re around or not.

9. It increases overall security

Since app lock is a security feature designed to let you decide who has access to what on your phone or tablet, many systems will also have additional security features that keep an eye on app-related malware or unwanted phone snoops.

10. It gives you peace of mind

There is nothing worse than the paranoia that someone is going through your things, so an app lock will help you feel more secure about what is on your mobile devices.


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