WhatsApp’s latest version will allow Group Admins to control ‘Send Message’ permissions on iOS and Android

We have known that WhatsApp has always been the most popular messaging application for many years now. Also, WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook a few years ago but that has only increased their popularity other than anything else. Now, it is known that WhatsApp has been used by 1 Billion users every day and there are billions of messages sent and received daily as well.

A major part of WhatsApp’s communications is being done in groups. Now, WhatsApp announced in May that the company is rolling out more controls for Group Admins. In the initial phase, there came an option where the Group Admins could set permissions for changing group icon, group descriptions etc.

Now, WhatsApp’s latest version will allow the Group Admins to control a very important aspect of the groups which is to set permission on who can send messages to the group.

Till now, there were no such permissions as well as the ability to do so was also not present. However, we have known that the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS add these permissions. This is called as ‘Send Message’ permission and it will be available only to the Group Admins.

With this permissions feature, WhatsApp group admins will now be able to set permissions to “All Participants” or “Only Admins”. This means that if the admin sets this to “Only Admins” then only the group admins can send a message to that group and everyone else can just see the messages.

This feature will be available to the group admins with WhatsApp beta version 2.18.201 for Android and stable version 2.18.70 on iPhone. Also, we have received information that the stable version of WhatsApp for Android will soon receive this update with version 2.18.191. It is also known this update will not let any group admin remove the creator of that particular WhatsApp group which was possible earlier.


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