Win an iPhone 11 Pro by Playing PUBG Mobile

Win an iPhone 11 Pro by Playing PUBG Mobile

It is a piece of great news for PUBG lovers. The PUBG always popular for organizing online events earn game goods and other stuff like mobile phones and etc. Now PUBG is again in the news for organizing an event called “Lucky Money Tree“.

Lucky Money Tree event will give PUBG Mobile players a chance to win an iPhone 11 Pro and Apple Airpods.

To win an iPhone 11 Pro you just need to participate in the event. To enter into the event, tap on the popup screen show like in the featured image above.

Or you can alternatively access the screen by clicking on the ‘Giftbox’ icon in the lobby, and then tap on ‘Lucky Money Tree’ under the ‘Recommended’ tab.

The event runs daily and you will be able to try your luck a maximum of two times. To earn the gift, you will get one chance for just logging into the game, and another if you play a Classic match. Next, shake the tree and see which reward falls off.

Since it is a lottery-type system, you will mostly get in-game items such as ‘SCAR-L Sand Dune finish’ or ‘Chemical Hazard Set’ and other items mostly. However, there is a chance of winning iPhone 11 Pro or two Aipod sets every day.

It is a very attractive competition organized by the PUBG team to attract the players with physical rewards.

If you are lucky and won the either of the physical rewards, then enter your contact information like phone number, email address, and physical address for shipping the gift. The gifts will be shipped directly to the winners’ address.

The event started from today April 28th to 2nd May. The next update is around the corner and Season 13 starts from May 7th.

Test your luck in the contest and let us know which gift you are won in playing the contest.

Vithala Siri Hara Ganapathi

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