Just a month or two ago, we’ve reviewed Wix as a great platform to start your website or business. Sure, these guys aren’t joking around and it’s pretty clear that we are talking about a serious company that does its best to provide the users with various business tools. Wix Answers is an all-in-one help desk software which provides you with the tools of the trade that you need for business and customer support. The best of all is that you get all of this for a relatively affordable price. Yes, you’ve read it well! But, is Wix Answers really that good? I think it’s time to find out in our Wix Answers review.


Since this is a help desk software that’s been used by millions of customers, it sports a large number of features. Wix Answers can help you set your help desk, which is very important for your website, especially if you have a lot of customers. So, I finally decided to give it a go and see if it’s really like milk & honey. With that in mind, in this section, we are going to take a look at what you can expect from Wix Answers.

Help Center

Building a help center might seem like something complicated or taxing, but it isn’t all that bad. In fact, Wix Answers will show you how easy it is and you’ll feel like a professional! Wix Answers lets you choose the corresponding template (there are tons of them!), customize it so it suits your needs, add some articles, and then go live. For those who are worried about FAQ sections, I’m here to tell you some bright news! Yes, you can build numerous FAQ sections and edit them as you wish. Be sure to take time with this one, though. No one likes uncomprehensible FAQ sections.

Ticket Management

Ticket management is a great way of boosting your customer support to the highest levels. You might even touch Mount Everest… you never know! This feature works by tracking customer support tickets from various platforms which allows you to accurately respond to the customers, by sending product recommendation. These platforms include social media, phone, email or any other platform out there. Basically, this feature is the key to your success and I’m glad it works great, especially on Wix-created websites.

Customer Support Directly from your Website

Customer Support Directly from your Website

How many times are you confused by a certain product and simply can’t find a customer support to ask some questions? I know, it’s really annoying! However, this feature lets you insert a simple, small, yet effective widget that can be opened with a single click. This will allow the user to quickly gain access to your help center, see some tutorials, or simply some useful articles about the product. Furthermore, customer support can drastically help you with your ticketing system. Your customers can now send the messages that will automatically trigger your ticketing system.

Call Center Always at Reach

Call Center Always at Reach

Aside from a help center, you can implement a call center on your website. Usually, we see this feature on the websites of many successful companies, which tells us a lot. The call center is directly correlated to a ticketing system, as it allows you to maximize the potential of this important feature. Basically, you can create your own built-in call center where the customers can use your number to contact you. This way, the main focus will be on making the user satisfied. If you want to gain more customers and of course, keep them, Wix Answers is here to give you… well, answers!

Accessible Insights

When you are in some kind of business or work with customers, it’s important that you see your insights. You aren’t going to be successful overnight, so great relationships with your customers are crucial. Wix Answers has a centralized system that allows you to see your insights regarding some all of your products, customers or support service. This way, you’ll always know what to do, or what NOT to do next. This is one of my favorite features since it allows you to drastically improve your service thus gaining a competitive edge over the competition.

Simplicity is Priority

When you are looking to set your help desk, you won’t be eager to lose a day, two, or maybe three while doing so. Wix Answers took that in mind and created an amazing platform that lets you get your help desk up and running in just a couple of minutes. You can just sip your coffee and do it while you listen to your favorite song. The best of all is that you don’t have to be a professional. Even You… yes, YOU can do it right now!


  • It’s simple to use, offering a comprehensible interface that many newbies and professionals will find beneficial.
  • The integration of call center is awesome for any customer-oriented business.
  • Easy access to important insights.
  • The ticket management is possible for multiple channels and from multiple websites.
  • The help center is easy to create and manage.
  • It’s completely FREE.


  • It’s limited to medium and small business.
  • Lacks some of the features from the professional-oriented customer support software.


So, is Wix Answers worth your dime? Well, you sure as hell won’t have to spend a dime on this product since it’s free. However, you can spend some quality time working on your business’ quality by taking advantage of Wix Answers’ simple interface and tons of features. If you are a freelancer or own a relatively small company, you’ll be happy to use Wix Answers. It offers an easy-to-create help center, access to insights, call center, and it’s free.

Since this is a free product, you’ll be able to create and tweak your help center without having to pay someone to do it for you. Wix Answers will surely help you save some cash but to some extent. If you are a professional user with an ever-growing business, you’ll be better with some of the paid professional software.


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