Whether you are a professional photographer or just a casual, free-time photography lover, you probably like to capture beautiful moments of your life. However, the affordable cameras aren’t always perfect, often producing the photos that still need some extra touch. To do this, you want to get yourself a photo editor which you can comprehend easily and use it with ease. I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the huge amount of companies that try to sell you their software, so I’ve decided to present you Wondershare Fotophire photo editing toolkit, a software that I’m using for quite some time.

Wondershare Fotophire is a suite of tools needed to make your photos shine again. But, what’s the catch here? Well, no tricks. Wondershare Fotophire is relatively cheap and offers a plethora of options and features you can use to enhance your photos. If you are still a little bit skeptical, I think it’s time to start my review of this photo editor. The features, sub-features, and review of Wondershare Fotophire are below.

Wondershare Fotophire User Interface

Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editor

Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editor

During my time with this software, Fotophire Photo Editor was my favorite tool to use with my photos. It’s a basic, yet in-depth photo editor which will give you everything you need to make your photos look more than decent. For example, you can fix poor lighting with just a single click and then crop and adjust your saturation with a simple slider. The results are visible as soon as you make a change! Furthermore, Photo Editor lets you add some amazing filters, effects, frames, and vignettes. If you are a person who is active on social media, you’ll be happy to hear that there are over 200 photo effects in Fotophire Photo Editor!

Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editor Effects

With that number, Fotophire is easily one of the best apps for publishing your photo to a social media and hopefully get laid! Just look at the Instagram app or any other photo editor you have. Are there that much photo effects? Chances are that there aren’t. For a slightly elegant and professional look, you can apply a Creative Blur, which will let the object of your choice remain highly detailed while blurring the background. This is a great tool for giving your selfies a polished look. Speaking of Creative Blur, did you know that you can just use a single slider to tweak its intensity? It’s so simple, that it’s literally addicting!

When you decide to save your photo, Fotophire Photo Editor offers you a bunch of options and formats which you can choose. PNG, BMP, Jiff, TIFF or classic JPEG, it doesn’t matter, as long as you picture is beautiful as never before. With its intuitive interface and drag & drop workflow, you’ll quickly get spoiled by the simplicity it offers.

Wondershare Fotophire Photo Cutter

Wondershare Fotophire Photo Cutter

When we were kids, we often used our scissors to cut pieces of our photo and stick them on the wall or a photo album. Oh, those were the times! Fotophire Photo Cutter lets you do just the same, but without scissors. So, if someone just gets in your way while you’re taking a picture, or the scenery behind you isn’t perfect, ditch it- why not? Just use the Select tool, select the area of your photo that you want to keep and remove the background with zero problems. This is great if you want to use a completely white background, to show off your beautiful hair, eyes or a piece of jewelry (I’m talking about ladies).

If your heart is still beating with excitement, then let’s make it beat faster! Fotophire Photo Cutter lets you replace the boring background with the background you choose. And guess what? You don’t need to be a pro. When I first used this feature, it took me half an hour at best, to figure out the options given to me. And if you succeed in your first try, you should know that there’ an Automatic Color Detection, meaning that your picture will quickly be in tone with the new background. No editing pixel-by-pixel and definitely no more wasting your time.

Wondershare Fotophire Photo Eraser

Wondershare Fotophire Photo Eraser

This feature isn’t here to completely erase your photos but to remove unwanted objects easily and make your photos flawless. As such, Fotophire Photo Eraser will do it without interfering with your background and be making it worse. Let’s say you want to remove a date from a picture. Simply select the date on the picture and let Photo Eraser delete it and exchange it for a corresponding texture surrounding that watermark. But, what about people? Can we also erase them from the photo?

The answer to that question would be positive and the whole process is identical to what we’ve mentioned before. Simply select a person that ruins your creation and replace the blank space with a corresponding texture. Don’t worry though, Photo Eraser will do the majority of work for you. Finally, you can use Photo Eraser to give a new shine to your old photos. Quite frankly, this feature isn’t the one I’ve used that much and it isn’t that perfect as the aforementioned ones.

Upcoming Features

  • Photo Focus: This one allows you to fix your blurry photos and refocus them. I’m eager to try this one out, and will (un)patiently wait to use it with my photos.
  • Photo Maximizer: Photo Maximizer seems interesting and promising. It allows you to enlarge your photos with the quality remaining intact. Again, a premium feature that sounds lovely!


Wondershare Fotophire is a wonderful photo editing software for both casual and professional users. Offering a range of features and options for utilizing, this is currently one of the most reliable apps for photo editing. Still, for a “hardcore” professional use, Wondershare Fotophire needs a touch of improvement to be a worthy software. If they manage to bring everything they have to the table and introduce the Upcoming Features, this software might take the world by storm and quickly become a staple of photo editing.


  1. One of the more honest reviews I have found. I am curious if the extensions, specifically the photo focus, has been rolled out yet? I downloaded the free version to check it out before purchasing and I don’t see it working at all. wondering if not yet available. do you know? Thanks!!


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